July 7-8, 2018

Theme: “We’re tiny and bright, please don’t forget us!”

Celebrating the wonder of fireflies may be common in some parts of the world, but many people never have the opportunity to experience these remarkable creatures, and even more people already have forgotten their childhood memories of watching fireflies flash back and forth in the dark. And so, the Fireflyers International Network has designated the first weekend of July as an annual World Firefly Day for people to remember, get to know, and celebrate the firefly.

Please mark your calendars for this annual event, and share it around! This year will be the inaugural World Firefly Day (WffD 2018), with events held around the world to celebrate firefly beauty, raise awareness of their ecological and socio-economic importance, and highlight the many challenges that fireflies face today. In many parts of the world, fireflies are being threatened by habitat loss, light pollution, pesticides, and overharvesting. We hope that this annual event will be able to raise awareness about these tiny insects and spark interest in their conservation.

For information about how to set up an event, please take a look at our pamphlet.