North America

Field Guide to Western North American Fireflies, Lawrent L. Buschman

Fireflies, Glowworms, and Lightningbugs, Lynn Faust

Silent Sparks, Sara Lewis

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The Lampyridae (Coleoptera) of Atlantic Canada, Christopher G. Majka

Central America

Lampyridae (Coleoptera) in Artropodos de Chamela (in Spanish), Santiago Zaragoza Caballero


South America



East Asia

螢在西拉雅 (in Chinese), Chen Tsan-jong and Jeng Ming-luen


Southeast Asia







Biology and behaviour of European lampyrids, Raphaël De Cock

How to recognise central European glow-worm species, Raphaël de Cock

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Lucciole: Vita spericolata di un coleottero pieno di energia (in Italian), Domenico Barboni